Zsa + Claire

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Zsa and Claire formed by sheer accident in 2006. Since then, they’ve been making a pretty sound, meshing rough and polished together. Their trademark is the minimalistic approach of rhythmic instrumentation, spoken for by seamless vocal harmonies. They're folk but not quite, pop but scarier, and honest always. Delivered with simple intensity, their music is intimate and quirkily authentic.

scorpion zsa zsa.
Commonly known as just “Zsa”, the guitar wielding half of the band grew up surrounded by music. Her school bag was her guitar case, and got turned down at the choir audition. Her distinguishing smoky vocals and soulful intonation makes her easy to identify. You can find her at snooker halls when she's not on stage.

claire goh.
Classicaly trained in the violin since the age of 7, she somehow lost her way to the orchestra. An avid fan of trance and trip hop, these influences are piercingly evident in her signature style of haunting and ceaselessly fluid melodies. Alongside her love for music, she's a movie fanatic with a penchant for art films.


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